Year 2

Class Summary:


Year 2 is an important and exciting year, as we are now top of Key Stage 1 and are getting ready to join Key Stage 2.

Our big target this year is to develop stamina for reading and writing! We will be practicing reading larger passages, whilst improving our inference, comprehension and understanding.

In English, we will be building on the work in Year 1 and look at how we can add detail and description into our work to engage our readers. We will provide fun, exciting and relevant stimulus so the children can enjoy writing in a variety of styles.

In Maths, we are going to be working hard developing our understanding and fluency in the four operations. We are continuing to expand our maths understanding with our explanations on how we have come to our answers, our reasoning and problem solving.

It’s going to be a busy but fun packed year, with some exciting new topics! We are all looking forward to creating some great memories and improving our independence and confidence




Autumn Term

  Summer Term
 Year 2 curriculum overview 2018-19  Spring 1 The Polar Regions Summer 1 The Space Race
 Autumn 1 Great Fire of London  Spring 1 Polar Regions Homework Summer 2 Hola Mexico!
 Autumn 1 homework grid Spring 2 Heroes and Superheroes
 Autumn 2 Magical Lands Spring 2 Homework Heroes
 Autumn 2 Homework grid Magical Lands


Age: 6-7

Teaching Team: Miss Byrne. Support Staff: Mrs Davies, Mrs Edwards