Year 5

Class Summary:

Year 5 is an incredibly busy and exciting year!  Mr Sheens and Mrs Ladopouli are looking forward to the adventure already. Each half term we will focus on a different topic, beginning this term with Ancient Greece. Throughout the year we will be heading out on many fun & exciting trips, including:  The Wyllyotts  Theatre for the yearly Shakespeare production, the Science Museum, as well as West Stow to explore an ancient Anglo-Saxon village. As well as maths, English & topic we will always dedicate lots of time towards music, science, design and technology, PE, drama, philosophy & visual arts each week.

Every Friday until the February half term our class will visit the Furzefield Swimming Centre as part of the Physical Education curriculum, where each child receives professional training to improve their skills in the pool. In the summer term we embark on perhaps the highlight of the year: Tolmers Camp, where we will spend three days learning to rock climb, kayak, build shelters and roast marshmallows around the campfire!

On top of all these exciting prospects we also have the end of year production, Arts Trophies and sports day to look forward to as well! We aim to create a year filled  with happy memories as well as enriched learning so that all children love coming to school and feel confident entering Year 6.

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Age: 9-10

Teaching Team: Mr Sheens and Mrs. Ladopouli. Support Staff: Mrs Bragoli