Year 5 – Mandela Class

Class Summary:

Year 5 is an incredibly busy and exciting year!  Miss Byrne and Mrs Aboin are looking forward to the adventure already. Each half term we will focus on a different topic, these include: Ancient Greece, Space and The Anglo-Saxons. Although for the first half of the year we aren’t able to head out on any trips, we have some fun activities planned such as our Shakespeare workshop and a virtual Planetarium tour and workshop. 

Some of our key priorities these year are to develop the children’s writing stamina and ability to write effectively across a range of genres; to nurture reasoning and problem solving skills in mathematics; and build on their scientific enquiry skills.  We will also dedicate time developing our skills across the wider curriculum in lessons such as history, geography, ICT, art, design and technology, PE, drama and philosophy. ​We aim to provide all children with the right learning environment that encourages confidence and independence. 

In the summer term we embark on what will perhaps be the highlight of the year: Tolmers Camp, where we will spend three days learning to rock climb, kayak, build shelters and roast marshmallows around the campfire!

On top of all these exciting prospects, we also have the end of year production, Arts Trophies and sports day to look forward to! We aim to create a year filled with happy memories as well as enriched learning so that all children love coming to school and feel confident entering Year 6.​

Year 5 Curriculum Overview 

Please click on the link below to the read the Mandela Class curriculum map.

Curriculum Overview -Mandela Class 2021-22

Age: 9-10

Teaching Team: Miss Byrne. Support Staff: Mrs Aboin