Class summary

Age: 4-5

Teaching Team: Miss Taylor. Support Staff: Mrs. Egan and Mrs. Stavrou

Year 1

Class summary

Age: 5 -6

Teaching Team: Miss Seaton. Support Staff: Mrs Jackson, Mrs Obika and Ms. Johnson

Year 2

Class summary

Age: 6-7

Teaching Team: Miss Byrne. Support Staff: Mrs Davies, Mrs Edwards. SEN Support: Mrs. Egan and Mrs. Stavrou

Year 3

Class summary

Age: 7-8

Teaching Team: Ms Burns and Mrs Bertram. Support Staff: Mrs Michaelides

Year 4

Class summary

Age: 8 - 9

Teaching Team: Mrs. Albon. Support Staff: Mrs Lenzi and Mrs. Michaelides. SEN Support: Mrs. Aboin

Year 5

Class summary

Age: 9-10

Teaching Team: Mr Sheens and Mrs. Ladopouli. Support Staff: Mrs Bragoli

Year 6

Class summary

Age: 10-11

Teaching Team: Mrs Christophorou . Support Staff: Mrs. Bragoli and Mrs. Lenzi