Our Staff

We are fortunate in having an excellent team of both teaching and non-teaching staff at Hadley Wood School.

 All staff, including SENCo can be reached through:
Headteacher  Mrs. F. Worby
Deputy Headteacher Mrs. L Jennings
Assistant Head for Inclusion (2.5 days) Mrs. P. Bertram
Class Teachers Mrs. G. Christophorou  Year 6 Mr. E. Sheens Year 2
Miss R. Byrne Year 5 Miss J. Seaton Year 1
Mrs. L. Albon Year 4 Mrs. G Shellard Rec.
Ms. F. Burns & Mrs. P. Bertram Year 3
Inclusion Manager Mrs. P. Bertram
PPA Teacher Mrs. C. Bassili (Part Time)
Specialist Teacher Mrs. M. Ladopouli (Part Time)
Safeguarding Leads Mrs. F. Worby Mrs. P. Bertram
Miss R. Byrne
Teaching Assistants Mrs. T. Aboin Mrs. J. Jackson
Mrs. M. Bragoli Mrs. T. Lenzi
Mrs. K. Davies Mrs. N. Michaelides
Mrs. S. Edwards Miss C. Stavrou
 All Teaching/Learning Support Assistants also undertake Lunchtime Supervision duties
Office Manager /Welfare Officer Mrs. C. Obika
Finance and Personnel Manager Mrs. J. Rose (Part Time)
Site Manager Mr. M. Jackson
Lunchtime Playleader Mr. N. Barnes
Kitchen Staff
Head Chef  Marina Penfold
Assistants  Songul Dinc  Michelle Wiles