2020 - 2021 Survey Results

Pupil Survey

This survey was conducted over a two week period between 10 – 21st May 2021. Members of the SLT carried out the survey to explain the importance of pupil voice but also to explain the meaning of any key vocabulary to the pupils.

All 210 pupils responded to the survey from Reception to Year 6.

-EYFS and KS1 children completed the survey in classes by a show of hands.
-KS2 children each completed their own copy of the survey.

Overall we received positive responses to the majority of questions asked. The children responded positively to the fact that they felt safe in school and that they enjoy being back. Where pupils had responded with an ‘orange’ face or a ‘red’ face. Mrs. Worby spoke with these children individually to explore ways in which they feel we can improve the school further and ensure they agree with the statements.

Pupil Survey Results – May 2021

Parent Survey

Thank you very much to parents and carers for completing the pulse check survey and for your comments and responses about our Remote Learning Offer during the January – March school closure due to COVID 19. We have compiled the results and are pleased to present them to you. Please read the document below.

Parent and Pupil Pulse Check Results – March 2021