Our School Vision

At Hadley Wood our vision is that every child will leave our school confident in their own abilities and excited about the future, with the strategies and skills to tackle tasks and situations in a capable manner and caring about their planet and their fellow humans.

Our School Ethos

Hadley Wood is a ‘can do’ school for all where every child matters. We firmly believe that every child is unique and therefore brings different experiences, skills and ideas into the classroom. This in turn influences how they and others around them learn. We would like all children to achieve their very best in all areas of school life in order to become confident, capable and caring individuals.

Hadley Wood is a ‘can do’ school for all.


Our School Mission Statement

Hadley Wood Primary School will provide an environment for all staff and pupils which promotes opportunities to become confident, capable and caring individuals.

The school will be an educationally inclusive school. One in which the learning, achievements, attitudes and well being of all members of the school community matters. Inclusion will characterise how the school operates as well as what it aims to achieve.

  • The school will provide a challenging, broad, exciting and extended curriculum which will actively encourage, motivate and develop the talents of everyone in school.
  • The school will actively promote pupil participation and adopt the principles of and Growth Mindset in every year group. Pupil voice at Hadley Wood is crucial and all pupils will be given opportunity to take responsibility and be encouraged to make a positive contribution to their learning, school, and society.
  • The school is committed to being a healthy and safe school. Everyone recognises that investing in emotional, mental and physical health and providing a safe, secure environment enhances the performance and achievements of all pupils and staff.
  • Through PSHE the school will support children in gaining the knowledge and skills required to keep themselves safe, healthy and happy, and thrive in their future
  • A culture of continuous life-long learning for all, based on teamwork, will be at the heart of all the school’s activities. Leadership and decision making will be distributed throughout school.
  • The school will have a distinctive and shared ethos of achievement where relationships between staff, pupils, parents, governors and the community are not only strengthened but nurtured. The school will be the hub of the local community.
  • The school will ensure that all learning takes place within a vibrant, stimulating and quality environment which is enhanced through the provision of quality first teaching.
Our School Vision