Hadley Wood pupils can enjoy taking part in a wide range of activities outside for our school day to support learning, raise school standards and promote healthy lifestyles, enabling schools to work closely with members of the wider community and connect local people with local services. 

For children from Reception to Year 6, our breakfast and after school provision is run by an external provider, Sport 4 Kids. 

Sports 4 Kids  

Sport4Kids believes in the school’s vision that every child will leave the school confident in their own abilities and excited about the future, with the strategies and skill to tackle tasks and situations in a capable manner and caring about their planet and fellow human beings. This ethos is shared by the whole Sport4Kids team and promoted throughout our school partnership programme. Together with Sport4Kids dedication to promoting outstanding childcare and sport coaching, Sport4Kids aims to help Hadley Wood Primary School offer their families excellent wraparound provision. 

Sport4Kids’ ambition is to deliver an outstanding childcare provision, and build a relationship with the school based on trust so that further exciting and engaging opportunities can be made available to all pupils and their families, so that they may develop sports skills and a healthy lifestyle. 

The Sport4Kids Approach   

The Sport4Kids Approach to working in partnership with schools is achieving outstanding results by implementing our S4K Partnership Pillars. These pillars form the foundation to the service and relationship that Sport4Kids will forge with Hadley Wood Primary School. These pillars are: 

  1. Highly Technical Sports Education: S4K helps children grow, build skills and confidence with ground-breaking and world class technical sports education, training and coaching techniques specifically tailored to children in all age groups from Reception through to Year 6. This also moves to competition and inter school tournament performance. 
  1. Cultural Immersion:  Adopting the culture and values of the school and using the “S4K Way”.   Emulating the language and the messages in the school.  The benefits of physical activity on academic performance are well documented.  Further, we use role allocation as a positive reinforcement mechanism in our PE sessions and clubs, where children are given leadership responsibilities to assist them in building confidence and character. Health and happiness go hand in hand and our mission is engage every child in sport and build a suite of habits that last a lifetime.    
  1. Variety & Diversity:  Providing a quality choice of activities to parents and children that are designed to cater for all children, including those who the school finds difficult to engage in sports activities and general well-being.      
  1. Community:  Connecting to parents and the wider community in order to enhance the school’s reputation. More parents involving themselves in sport, their children’s sport and bringing the wider community into the school.   


(DAILY 7:30-8:45) 

The S4K Breakfast Club provides children with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, as well as giving children the chance to be physically active before the start of the school day.  Research shows that early morning exercise can help children with learning, so Sport4Kids help children from Manic Monday through to Frantic Friday by providing active play and games and a variety of sports for our children to play.  S4K Coaches will ensure children start the day the active way as well as having fun with their friends! 

Breakfast club will run from 7.30am to 8.45am Monday – Friday at £6 per session. 


(Daily 15:15-17:45) 

This club will commence after the October Half Term. 

The Sport4Kids Home Club provision runs in schools so that the school may develop its extended school provision. The main objectives for Sport4Kids is to ensure: 

  • Working parents can collect children from school outside of the traditional end of school day hours. 
  • Children can access a fun and energetic programme of activities that is designed to promote physical and mental well-being in a safe and nurturing environment. 
  • Children are provided with nutritious food and drink  

Hadley Wood Primary School shares a joint vision with Sport4Kids to ensure our Home Club provision not only achieves the above objectives, but also: 

  • Focuses on physical and mental well-being for children. 
  • Provides a high quality and affordable service for families. 
  • Offers quality wraparound care for parents. 
  • Is run by qualified, reliable and trustworthy staff.  

Each day will provide a range of different activities and experiences for children, and will follow a theme set depending on the day of the week (for both Breakfast Club and Home clubs). 

Manic Monday Zippy Tuesday Whizzing Wednesday  Work-it Thursday Frantic Friday   

Each day’s plan will be designed to include physical activities, non-physical activities and healthy, nutritious food and drink. 

Physical Activities 

Each day will have a different sport for both breakfast clubs and after school clubs including football, tennis, tag rugby, athletics, archery, hockey, cricket, netball, gymnastics and dance. These sports will be determined and changed every half term based on the feedback and needs of parents and pupils. Other activities included that we would define as low intensity activities will be Yoga, aimed at helping children improve mental well-being, to fast-paced non-sporty physical activities such as ActivKids, BucketballHuman Hungry HipposDiamond Cricket. 

Non-Physical Activities 

S4K understands that not every child will want to be join in with every physical activity (although our coaching team will encourage them to do as much as possible!), and that children will need ‘down-time’ during the session. So Sport4Kids coaches will set up areas and times for children to enjoy non-physical activities such as LEGOarts and craftsdrama and music 

Healthy, Nutritious Food and Drink 

Each day Sport4Kids provide a range of healthy and nutritious food and drink for children to enjoy. For S4K Clubs, snacks include: 

  • Fruit juices and milk 
  • Fruit 
  • Rice Cakes   
  • Cereal Bars 
  • Yogurts 


Parents can book spaces online via the Sport4Kids website on their easy to use booking page for Hadley Wood Primary School or using the link below: 

Book Clubs: Schools – Specialist Sports Clubs Nurseries and Schools Extra-Curricular (sport4kids.biz)